10 of the best cash back apps for 2022

cash back apps

A secret to growing your wealth is saving money, and automating your savings through cash back apps makes pinching pennies that much easier, leaving you with an opportunity for financial freedom to buy the things you truly want.

Here’s a list of 10 of the best cash back apps for 2022 that are going to save you money. All of these apps have a rating of 4 stars or higher in the Google Play Store.

best cash back apps

  1. Ibotta

App rating: 4.4

Ibotta is at the top of this list because it is arguably the biggest app with the most diverse offering. Ibotta has partnered with selected grocery stores, entertainment, clothing stores, and much more to bring you some of the biggest deals available.

Ibotta has paid over $1 billion in cash backs to users and includes stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Trader Joe’s. You select the deals on the app for the items you want to buy, and then upload the receipt or e-receipt once you have paid for your goods.

The cash back will reflect in your account, which you can then withdraw through PayPal or Venmo, or choose to use a gift card on another purchase. The minimum withdrawal is $20, but with the number of deals from a variety of stores, you won’t have trouble redeeming your cash back when you shop regularly.

  1. Fetch Rewards

App rating: 4.6

Fetch Rewards is one of the many apps rising in competition with Ibotta. Fetch’s motto is “get receipt rich”, and their app is more user-friendly than Ibotta because you only need to take a picture of your receipts to receive rewards.

However, their offering on deals and stores is not as wide as Ibotta and rewards are only redeemable through gift cards, which can be used at Amazon, Visa, Sephora, and other stores. By only needing to scan your receipt,

Fetch Rewards’ system is much more time-efficient than Ibotta, where you have to unlock selected deals that you have purchased and scan barcodes on your receipt.

Fetch Rewards still has great deals on offer, and it is worth using as a cash back app because of its user-friendly features. Fetch’s minimum withdrawal is 3000 points, or $3, but if you wait to cash out, there are other options available.

  1. Shopkick

App rating: 4.2

Shopkick’s app makes the thrill of bargain hunting real before you’ve even made your purchase.

You get your cash back for purchases by scanning the on-offer products in the participating stores before you’ve even bought the items, and then upload your receipt for proof of purchase.

You can also get points by simply walking into participating stores. By scanning participating products before you buy, you can see the amount you will be saving on your purchase before you get to the checkout.

Shopkick has over 2000 participating stores, including eBay, Walmart, and Starbucks. Their point system is called “kicks”, which can be converted to gift cards for Amazon and other major retailers, or you can get paid directly to your linked PayPal account.

The minimum gift card you can withdraw is $5 for this app.

  1. ReceiptPal

App rating 4.3

ReceiptPal has a slightly different spin on cash back services. They advertise themselves as a market research company. What this means for you is that for every receipt you load to the site, you will receive points.

With this app you do not have to go searching or scanning for deals, but rather are rewarded according to the number of receipts you upload, which Receipt Pal will use for market research.

This app is a great option because there is no time-consuming element to searching for deals; you are being paid for the shopping you are already doing.

  1. Receipt Hog

App rating: 4.5

With a similar concept to Receipt Pal, Receipt Hog turns your receipts into cash without the hassle of finding deals and uploading receipts.

While Receipt Pal offers cash back for the number of receipts you scan, Receipt Hog will maximize your rewards by calculating “coins” on how much you spent at a store.

Focussing on mainly consumable goods from grocery shops and pharmacies, you can earn coins by uploading receipts from your shopping at major participating brands like Costco, Safeway, Dollar Store, and Walmart.

You can also link your online shopping accounts to earn rewards from e-receipts. Receipt Hog also offers opportunities to earn bonus coins through games and slot machines, which users report makes the app fun to use.

You need 1000 coins to cash out, where each receipt is worth 5 to 20 coins.

  1. GetUpside

App rating: 4.5

GetUpside focuses on cash backs from essential shopping at grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants.

As GetUpside operates on affiliate commissions when you shop at participating brands, you’re receipt which you upload to the app is simply a proof of purchase.

With an offering that includes cash backs such as 25c back per gallon, up to 35% off at participating restaurants, and up to 15% back on your grocery shopping, GetUpside is a great app to choose if you are regularly driving or buying many groceries.

You can withdraw a minimum of $1 with GetUpside.

  1. Coin Out

App rating: 4.1

Coin Out is a product of Shark Tank, and its first function is as an e-wallet.

You can think of it as a “digital piggy bank”, where you collect loose coins to use for later, epitomizing the save a “penny for a rainy day” idea. Coin Out does not require selecting deals and only wants you to upload your receipts to the app to get coins back.

There is no minimum withdrawal from this app for gift cards and a $20 minimum for a PayPal transaction.

  1. Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

App rating: 4.5

Honey is a little different from the other cash back apps which we mentioned because it is a browser extension, not an app. While they do have an app, the best user experience comes from their search engine extension, which reviewers rave about.

Honey makes finding deals a breeze when shopping online. Now owned by PayPal, they are an affiliate marketing company and you can find amazing deals when using their extension.

Their offering is smaller than the other big cash-back apps but is definitely worth using because of the user-friendly way they offer you to save on your purchases.

  1. Swagbucks

App rating:4.2

Swagbucks has a wide range of offerings to members. These include getting cash-back from participating stores when you shop with a linked credit card. Swagbucks is primarily a paid survey site, but they have many opportunities to earn rewards.

You can earn rewards for doing mystery shopper through the site, or get cash-back when you use deals from stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Amazon.

Swagbucks can be converted into several different cash-back options, from Uber and Amazon gift cards to being paid cash through PayPal, with a minimum withdrawal of $25.

  1. Dosh

App rating:4.4

Users rave about Dosh’s easy navigation and use, saying that this is an app that they will refer people to. Dosh uses a linked credit card, meaning that whenever you pay with this card, you automatically get your cash-back from deals at participating stores.

This means you do not need to be scanning receipts or selecting deals.  And if you are a regular shopper, this app has great value in cash-back. You can get cash-back from several grocery stores, hotel stays, and restaurants with a minimum points withdrawal of $25.

There are countless options for cash-back apps, but these are 10 of the best options to use in 2022. Find one, or several, that suit your lifestyle and needs so that you can take advantage of saving money on your shopping every time.

Take steps towards building your wealth by taking advantage of these automated savings services offered by these cash-back apps.

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