19 Legit Ways to Make Money Online with PayPal

Make Money

Do you want to make money online with PayPal?

Do you want to be paid through PayPal?

Do you have skills to convert into cash?

Then, you have choose a good option to get some information about all these questions. Let’s get started.

  1. Obviously, we will start from freelancing websites like fiverr, to get to work whatever you want to do and offer you to get paid through PayPal giving much of security while paying.
  2. Next you can get paid by PayPal on various platforms that pays you taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, doing online shopping, and some other micro tasks over the internet.
    _ Make Money Online with PayPal_
  3. We also can’t miss podiums like Verblio (Formerly Blogmutt), where you can be a blogger and get your payment through a verified and secure online banking system means PayPal.
  4. You can find translating documents in various and broad languages jobs on platforms like translate.com, unbabel, tethras over the internet to make money and get your income through PayPal.
  5. Transcription jobs are also one of the best option to get side income having spare hours free in a day on transcribe.com, scribe and transcribeMe like websites and get paid through PayPal banking account
    _ Make Money Online with PayPal_
  6. Are you a good language teacher? Then, why don’t start teaching on various platforms over the internet like Verbalplanet, italcy and Cambly. These websites also have an option to pay you through best online banking system (PayPal).
  7. Make others learn full courses. Yes, you can sell different courses of your interest to get your income in your PayPal account.
  8. Why don’t sell used stuff in your warehouse over the internet and get your payment through PayPal.
  9. Why don’t open an online store and get your payment through PayPal.
  10. There are some sites that pay you through PayPal just visiting them and installing their stuff like apps and games.
  11. If you like to check research papers articles written by others and get paid through PayPal. Yes, various platforms give you job of proofreading to earn some extra cash.
  12. Are you a good web builder? Then sell your websites and get your wage through PayPal.
  13. You also have a choice of consulting others in various fields of life to be paid through PayPal.
  14. You have still an option to join rewards websites to get your pocket money doubled and using payment option of PayPal.
  15. Do your parents do online shopping? If yes, then you can use rebate apps to get some cash back in your pocket through PayPal and live your day happily.
  16. Do you have some gift cards that you want to sell? If yes, then there is option on various platforms to exchange those by money. You can get your payment through PayPal.
  17. Some websites pay you giving answers to simple research questions. That payment you can get into your PayPal account.


PayPal is a trusted online banking system to get your payment through. You have got here some of the right directions to go on. So, be relaxed and prepare yourself. _ Make Money Online with PayPal_

Thank You!

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