20 Real Ways to Make Money on Amazon

make money on Amazon

Have you ever heard of AMAZON?

Yes, it is an online platform where you can offer various services to sellers to get bunch of income or you can also be a seller yourself make money on Amazon.

Here are some of the ways you can try to make money on Amazon:

  1. Private labeling:

You can create your own brand on Amazon. By improving other’s product descriptions to sell by your name you can get some commission.

  1. Books Publishing

On kindle you can be a publisher. You can offer many things in publishing books (written by others or yourself even). Selling these books gives you a valuable part of income.

  1. Wholesale goods selling:

You can purchase in bulk from wholesale and sell them having some percentage of profit to make money on Amazon.

  1. Delivering goods:

Although amazon offers its own delivery services but you can also join its delivery fleet to get your income.

  1. Product description:

You can write well engaging, persuasive and unique product descriptions for others to get paid.

  1. Flip stores to amazon:

Buying products from other platforms to sell on amazon having good profit percentage.

  1. Be an amazon employer:

Not all the employers are in headquarter of amazon, you can be a remote employer of amazon storekeepers’.

  1. Sell your own items:

Have you your own goods to sell, then Amazon offers you to sell your own products on it.

make money on Amazon

  1. Barbering:

You can also trade in unwanted items with amazon trade-in program.

  1. Sell your services:

Amazon also offers you to sell your services like freelancing as it connects sellers and buyers.

  1. Promote others’ products:

You can offer others sellers to promote their products to raise their selling rates, and get your casual percentage in form of your income.

  1. Consultation:

If you are well acknowledged in Amazon platform and understood various tactics, you may be a paid consultant.

  1. Amazon Merch:

Selling your designs is also offered by Amazon merch. If you think you are a designer or artist (no need to be best even) then you can make money on this platform.

  1. Dropshipping:

A process of making money having some percentage on selling goods being a 3rd party.

  1. Being an influencer:

Although it is hard and time taking, but rewards much to be an influencer. You can build your followers and make a store to sell online.

  1. Trading second hand goods:

Second hand goods are also a profitable business by getting in you may to invest a little but it gets you much.

  1. Affiliate marketing:

Just like advertising, Affiliate marketing includes sharing amazon products links to outside the amazon to get more buyers.

  1. Writing reviews:

Although writing reviews for amazon vines not pays you but reward you some free products which you can use by yourself or sell to other buyers.

make money on Amazon

  1. Amazon gift cards:

You can get rewards by doing different tasks on various other platforms in form of amazon gift cards that can be changeable to cash.

  1. Research give you more income:

If you want to a best seller to raise your income on amazon you may have research based on keywords to upgrade your income level.


Do whatever you want to do on amazon to make real money and raise your income being interested in having fun

make money on Amazon.

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