Earn $10 With Your PHONE & LAPTOP! Earn Money Online 2022

Earn $10 Every 2 Min

There are so many ways to earn money on your phone and laptop in 2022. You cannot possibly be on your phone every hour of the day, but there are ways to use your phone and laptop to set up income streams that will earn you money while you are busy living your good life. Here are the best ways for you to earn $10 every 2 minutes with your phone or laptop.

1 Take surveys

Signing up on survey sites can be a highly lucrative use of the minutes you spend brushing your teeth, eating meals, and doing other daily tasks during the day. Just signing up with a site like Swagbucks will put $5 in your wallet as a signing bonus. Swagbucks offers games, videos, and surveys for you to earn rewards. They also offer prizes and sweepstakes. Signing up for other survey sites like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars will widen the pool for you to earn money continuously using your phone or laptop.

2 Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a large following online? There is a wide variety of ways to make money on your phone with affiliate marketing, whether it be on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or other social media sites. You can make a continuous stream of money online by signing up with an affiliate company like Amazon Associates and finding products you think that your followers will enjoy. You then post content with links to those products. You can earn yourself a great commission whenever those products are bought through your page by your followers.

Alternatively, create a niche page on Instagram, TikTok, or a website. Focus on content within a specific niche, something such as “boho bedroom” design. Create engaging content that people will subscribe to if they are interested in “boho bedroom” design, and post links to products that would help people create their boho bedroom look for themselves. Posting content can take less than 2 minutes, and you can earn more than $10 from that investment of your time in creating a niche website or social media page.

3 Cash-Back apps

Cash-back apps are automated savings services. There are a variety of apps to choose from sign up with, from Swagbucks, Ibotta, Receipt Pal, and Receipt Hog. If you plan on making any purchases, take a minute to search your favorite cash-back apps for deals from participating stores. Or choose to use an app that rewards you for simply uploading your receipt. It can be as simple as snapping a pic of your receipt and loading it to an app to receive points in a few short minutes, which you can convert to cash. By using a cash-back app, you are being paid to do your shopping.

4 Sell Photos/Videos

If you have a creative eye for pictures and detail, then making $10 in 2 minutes can be as simple as snapping a photo with your phone and uploading it to a stock site. Sites like iStock and GettyImages will sell your pictures on their platform. This is a great way to earn money passively online while you are not even using your phone.

5 Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks is a legitimate way to make a lot of money from your phone or laptop. To make this work for you and generate consistently high returns, you need to do your research, discover what kind of investor you are, have a disciplined approach to investing, and be able to keep your emotions out of the process. If you have what it takes to be a great investor, your investments will earn you money online while you sleep.

6 Become a Tutor

There are so many possibilities when it comes to teaching people. If you have skills and unique knowledge to offer, then consider becoming a tutor. For example, if you are very good at styling people’s clothes for their body shape. You can offer one-on-one consultations to advise people on their wardrobes. You can also bring these skills to social media and create a blog and page for yourself where you help better people with your particular skills. Use affiliate marketing and advertising to make your unique skill profitable. Another way to earn money online with your skills s to create online courses, ebooks, and other offerings for people to buy within a specific niche.

By focussing on a wide array of online offerings, you can set up money-making systems for yourself on your phone or laptop that will earn you $2 every minute, and possibly much more in the long term.

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