How to Make Money Watching Videos

How to Make Money Watching TV

In this article you will know how you can make money watching videos, you can easy get start making money today.


Are you crazy to watch videos on TV?

Then why you do the same for free that pays you?

Do you know watching TV can pay you (though passively)?

Let’s have a look on ways you make your time of TV watching worth for you.

Here are different ways you can make money while watching TV (movies, shows, videos etc.)

  1. Swagbucks:

Yes, it is a legal site that make your TV watch-time worthy.

You just have to create a simple account on www.swagbucks.com/ and then start to watch TV VIDEOS. This gives you passive income in bucks which you next can convert into real cash. Moreover, it gives 5dollars signup bonus if you make 25dollars in 1st two months.

make money watching videos

  1. Inbox Dollars:

Here you have different choices like you can watch videos, play games, try offers, and take surveys to make a passive income. You have to create same simple and free account as Swagbucks on www.inboxdollars.com/ and start making your day.

make money watching videos

  1. PrizeRebel:

Like other watch to pay sites, Prizerebel is also a mini tasks site which pays you on different tasks like watching videos, completing surveys or other daily tasks, but only for U.S residents.

make money watching videos

  1. SuccessBux:

Another site having different methods like paid to watch and paid to click sites which works by advertisements mostly. It pays you by various means.

make money watching videos

  1. QuickRewards

Next we have rewarding site which gives you different rewards for various tasks like watching videos, completing surveys and much more. So, get a step in by creating your account on www.quickrewards.net and earn as much as you can.

make money watching videos

  1. Voice Dubbing:

Show your talent here if you can dub your favorite TV clips. Yes, a chance to sell your skills. While watching create a funny idea on the video clip, dub it in funny manner and upload on different sites. This may give you a chance to be a star.

  1. Mediarewards:

Watch TV or listen to your favorite channels on radio to get paid by using mediarewards app. You may sign up your account and start your time making a little cash by using app. You can get it in your smartphone.

  1. TV-TWO:

If you want to earn in cryptocurrency without investment then you may use TV-TWO app. You can watch various type of videos here to get passive cryptocurrency.

  1. Earnably:

You can also use Earnably to make money while watching videos in your free hours. It gives you payment through paypal, and amazon etc.

So, give worth to your time using sign up button on Earnably.com

  1. ZoomBucks:

And the last but not least, you can try to use the site https://zoombucks.com/  to make money by watching your favorite TV videos. Get paid by watching videos and have fun.


Don’t waste your time on social media. Get your hours of watching TV paid by different sites and apps given above having fun and learn things.

Make the quotation “time is money” true by giving worth to your time.  Thank you!

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